All About Human Rights

What are human rights?

These are the universal morals and principles that govern the behaviour of all human beings. Human rights are protected both by international law as well as the prevailing municipal law. There are basic human rights that all human beings are entitled to including the right to life, right to fair and justified treatment, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, freedom to assembly and many more. Contravention of these rights is a criminal and prosecutable offense all over the world.

What rights do you have when it comes to wills and probate

A will is a legally binding document that expresses how a testator wishes their property to be distributed upon their death. As a testator, you have different rights as well as obligations. wills and probate solicitors london can assist you understand these rights and obligations which ensures that your will is valid. Some of the rights are discussed below.

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Every individual has the right to come up with a will and to change it to suit changes in circumstances as long as they are of a sound mind at the time of drafting the will or changing any section therein. Besides this, the testator has the right to determine who to leave the property to as long as this is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state with respect to spouses and dependents.

You also have the right to leave your property in trust for dependents who are below the age of 18. As a testator, you have the right to appoint an executor or administrator, who you feel is best suited to oversee its execution upon your demise. The executor could be an individual or a firm based on the size of the estate, level of trust and other considerations.

Who can help with human rights issues?

Solicitors are best placed to assist with respect to human rights given their extensive research, skills and experience in the field. Usually solicitors specialise in different human rights and therefore, there is need to identify these fields of specialisation before you consult them. A specialised solicitor has in depth understanding of the field and therefore will provide better services.

Why is it important to know your legal rights?

Legal rights are important for your own protection and therefore their importance in day to day activities. Their utilisation can alienate troublesome encounters with ignorant individuals as well as those who know these laws but choose to exploit them for their own personal gains. Knowing your rights and obligations also guides your behaviour in public and private spaces. This is fundamental in minimising the risk of acting in contravention of your own rights that may give law enforcers grounds or information that they could use against you.

Every citizen is required to know and understand their legal rights for their own good. It is therefore advisable to keep up with regulations revolving around different human rights issues all over the world. Remember that your rights and obligations may vary slightly depending on the country, hence the need to keep up with the regulations across countries.